Can CBD Oil Help People With Vitiligo?

CBD For Vitiligo
CBD For Vitiligo
CBD For Vitiligo
CBD For Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a long-drawn-out skin condition that is marked by the growth of white blotches on the skin surface. An abatement in the making of melanin induces vitiligo. As CBD is becoming popular these days, many people are considering using CBD to treat vitiligo. Can CBD oil help people suffering from vitiligo? Let us see.

What Is Vitiligo?

In a person suffering from vitiligo, the cells responsible for skin color are destroyed. These cells are called melanocytes and they become unable to make the skin pigment, called melanin. In the absence of melanin, parts of the skin will turn white and this is called vitiligo. Although not that deadly, vitiligo can be very much stressful to the sufferer.

Symptoms Of Vitiligo

A patchy loss of skin color is the most common symptom of vitiligo. These patches usually appear on the hands and face first and then on the genital areas. Additionally, it can also affect the wrist and fingers. Premature greying of hair is also considered a symptom of vitiligo. Initially, vitiligo can appear as a pale skin patch, that can turn completely white gradually. The skin patch can look pink if there are many blood vessels under the area. Even though there is no defined age range for the occurrence of vitiligo, it can be commonly found in people above the age of thirty.

Using CBD For Vitiligo

Currently, there are not many pieces of research available that looked into the effect of using CBD for vitiligo. A study conducted in 2019 looked at the therapeutic potential of CBD on skin disorders and a section of the study focused on pigmentation disorders and melanocytes. As per the researchers, endocannabinoid signaling can have a regulatory role in melanocytes. The study also outlined the chances of ECS dysregulation leading to the development of vitiligo.

That said, further inquisitions are imperative to consummately prove the role of CBD to treat vitiligo. CBD can also help deal with anxiety and depression after developing vitiligo. Using CBD is believed to provide great improvements in symptoms of depression and therefore it can be used to help with depression and anxiety related to vitiligo.

If you are suffering from vitiligo and plan to use CBD to get relief from the symptoms, you need to discuss the same with your doctor to ensure that CBD won’t negatively interact with any medications that you are currently having. In addition, the healthcare professional can help you find the proper dosage of CBD that can be beneficial for you.