Can CBD Help With Diabetes?

CBD For Diabetes
CBD For Diabetes
CBD For Diabetes
CBD For Diabetes

Diabetes is a common condition experienced by a large number of people. As CBD is found to be useful for dealing with a large number of health conditions, the potential of this compound for controlling diabetes was also tested in the medical field. Studies conducted for finding the effectiveness of CBD for diabetes showed promising results. Therefore, through this article, we are analyzing the ability of CBD for preventing and controlling diabetes.

CBD For Diabetes

Type 1 and type 2 diabetes are commonly found in people. Even though they differ greatly in terms of their origin and treatment, they result in the same problem, i.e., higher levels of glucose circulating in the bloodstream.

A hormone called insulin is used by our body for regulating the levels of glucose in the blood. When you eat, your pancreas will produce insulin. It will act as a key for unlocking certain cells for allowing the glucose entering your body through foods and beverages to enter the cells to be stored for using later.

About 5% of people are suffering from type 1 diabetes, which occurs when your body produces little or no insulin. As a result of this, glucose will remain in your bloodstream thereby damaging blood vessels and depriving the cells of oxygen.

A vast majority of people are suffering from type 2 diabetes which develops when your cells do not respond to insulin. This condition is known as insulin resistance and it also results in too much glucose in the blood. Insulin resistance can also cause inflammation in the body.

Some research and studies suggest that CBD might be useful for preventing certain issues and symptoms caused by diabetes. They include:


Diabetes can result in inflammation in your body. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can be useful for reducing the inflammation caused by diabetes. Inflammation in the blood vessels resulted from diabetes can increase your blood pressure and it can increase the risk of heart diseases. Therefore, CBD can help you to prevent these problems by effectively reducing inflammation.


Inflammation caused by diabetes can also result in pain. But the analgesic properties of CBD can help you to alleviate pain. Therefore, it can help you to effectively control different symptoms associated with diabetes.

CBD Might Be Helpful In Preventing Diabetes

Some studies conducted for finding the relationship between CBD and diabetes suggested that this compound might be helpful in preventing diabetes. However, these studies used mice as subjects. So more studies are needed in this field for finding the effect of CBD for diabetes in humans.